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If You Have Struggled To Attain A Healthy Weight, But Something Always Seems To Sabotage Your Success,

There Is GREAT News in 2020!

It Is Not Your Fault! 

Losing weight turned out to be a lot more than a new body. It was life changing for me. Feeling better about myself and how I felt health wise - gave me an excitement I haven't felt in years. I was happy. I was motivated. I conquered something that I didn't think was possible which gave me the momentum to do more. I have lost 40 pounds with Dr. Amodeo. His professionalism and uplifting persona was exactly what I needed to succeed. Hands down best program.
As a person who wants to lose weight, I'm confident that your secret vision is to achieve your ideal you weight. 
Ultimately, what you want is to look marvelous and feel marvelous. 
In the past, if you are someone that has failed, even failed many times “trying” and were unsuccessful. 
Your reality now is, if you're like most people, you're absolutely petrified of the thought of never finding a solution. 
And worse, shaken emotionally with the feeling of staying the way you are now, for the rest of your life. Know this – None of this may be your fault...
... because there could be an issue with your glycemic index.
 And, here's some fitting news... 

The thing that's really sabotaging your success and may actually be fighting against you, is something you can't control, not ever, not without help. 

Which means the real issue may be one of several physical blockers that your body can’t deal with on its own. For example, this stubborn blocker to feeling marvelous, the inability to process sugar correctly. 
But there is good news: it is the news that saves you the anguish on your path to “your marvelous”. 
Once you crack your blockers – by identifying the code stopping your success, such as your own glycemic index – by fixing it, the pounds can start melting off like butter in a hot skillet. 
Let’s discuss how you can finally do that. 
I ask you now – Are you a person serious about wanting your best and healthiest body shape and life you are meant to have? 
If you are, let’s do success together, and trigger your marvelous! Let’s have you looking and feeling like a million bucks and more! 

Dr. Keith is great to work with. The program is easy and actually I felt like I was eating more than ever and still losing weight. Eat the right things, at the right time and lose weight easily. I lost over 20 lbs and have been able to keep it off. My body is metabolizing food better than it has in a long time. It is worth it - Actually YOU are worth it.