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Dr. Amodeo's Protein Powder Vanilla Cream 
Whole Food Protein Shake
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Nutrition Just one serving of powdered whey protein provides up to 40% of the recommended daily intake of protein. West Coast power shake also contains 20% of fiber, and 2% of carbohydrates, and is sugar-free! 
Weight loss Healthy levels of protein reduce the appetite, helping you to
feel full longer. Whey protein also affects your metabolism for a faster fat
burning rate while blocking fat production. Protecting muscle mass
Muscle mass and muscle growth slows or stops with age. You are able
to protect skeletal muscle mass and build new muscle through the amino
acids and cysteine that way protein provides. Fights free radicals Whey protein helps stimulate glutathione production, an antioxidant that is found in every cell of the body. This helps fight free
radicals and provides immunoglobulin that strengthens the immune
system. Developing tissue In children and teenagers, whey protein provides all of
the necessary materials to help create new tissue for growing bodies. Healing Whey speeds recovery after the body is wounded, making it
especially helpful after surgery. Whey protein has been prescribed by
physicians for its health benefits for thousands of years, dating back as
early as 425 BC it is recorded being prescribed by Hippocrates for overall
health and well-being. Collagen The body utilizes collagen to strengthen blood vessels, internal
organs, bones, teeth, and skin. Way helps the body produce collagen,
which also benefits hair and nails. Energy production While there are a variety of supplements that are held
for their ability to help generate energy, whey protein works on a cellular
level, creating a more stable and fixed source of energy for daily activities. Doctor Amodeo’s power shake is Simple, Pure and easy to digest.
Everyone can benefit from more high-quality protein in their diet!

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